Mission Of Beatroute Arts

Beatroute Arts provides a wide range of community arts and holistic activities for it’s community which are developed in direct response to local need, working in partnership with third sector and statutory organisations to develop excellent community services locally and to inform the development of Community Arts at a city-wide and National level.


Vision Of Beatroute Arts

To create a fair, safe and non-judgemental creative learning environment in which local people of all ages and backgrounds can participate without prejudice, improving future prospects and overall quality of life for each individual and for the wider community.

Aims Of Beatroute Arts

  • To provide high quality, creative learning experiences for young people
  • To provide clear routes of progression for young people regarding volunteering, work and education
  • To inspire and empower our local community through artistic and holistic activity in order to improve health and quality of life, regardless of age or background
  • To provide safe, clean and inspiring outdoor spaces where young people and members of the local community can learn, socialise and find space amidst the bustle of city life
  • To promote community cohesion in order that local residents feel safer, better connected and less isolated.
  • To create strong partnerships locally, regionally and nationally
  • To ensure that the organisation remains fit for purpose as the environment in which it works changes and develops
  • To foster a safe and secure environment in line with best practice
  • To enable and empower staff, freelancers and volunteers to develop their practice in order to exceed in their field of expertise